Anxiety attacks, and colonizes the body

Forcing it to face the horror of mortality.

My heart who would skip a beat

to a shy forehead kiss;

is now in a pounding rampage,

to annihilate the ribcage.

Anxiety defends, and detains the spirit.

Terrorizing it to make fashionable edits.

My soul…



I like playing a small role in something big.

Like a mini metal gear in a rocket.

Or a baby bumblebee on a tree.

Or a short sweet smile on your Saturday.

Or a cup of cappuccino in a cafe.

Stay hungry, stay full.

Shoot for the stars, or however…



I’m good at dreaming.

I dream as hard as I can,

and invite you in.

She says a spell, and

the jungle let out a breath,

to wake up the dew.


In our rainbow eyes,

The dark dances with the light

Into the drumming.