I like playing a small role in something big.

Like a mini metal gear in a rocket.

Or a baby bumblebee on a tree.

Or a short sweet smile on your Saturday.

Or a cup of cappuccino in a cafe.

Stay hungry, stay full.

Shoot for the stars, or however far.

Dream big. Dream tiny.

And dream everything in between.


I’m good at dreaming.

I dream as hard as I can,

and invite you in.

She says a spell, and

the jungle let out a breath,

to wake up the dew.


In our rainbow eyes,

The dark dances with the light

Into the drumming.

Confrontations: Session One

I am mediocre.

And it’s not a statement of self-hatred, nor one to fish for validation.

It is an essential reflection, against wits’ normal distribution.

To bring clarity to your character, and shed light on the uncharted.

First question to ask is: Do you love where you are?

Are you sick of chasing the current? Are you missing the turbulence?

If you yearn for the poise of the lake, the bliss of inner-peace,

play there, create there, stay there.

Make your choice. And don’t look back.

I am mediocre.

A stoic thinker.

A believer. A lover.

If you find discomfort comforting, still water suffocating,

go explore, hustle, struggle.

Know that, the odds are against you, they don’t want you to win.

Fall in love with the process, sail upwind.

I am mediocre.

An underachieving dreamer.

A chance taker. A sailor.

Educating first-aid techniques through a board-game.

What’s in the game?

It is vital to know how to provide basic immediate care to someone who is injured or ill. Even though you are not a professional first-aider, you could help to increase comfort of the patient and prevent the situation to worsen until medical services arrive.

I took a class first-aid training class when I was in high school. But I realized that I have forgotten most of the procedures by now.

How could we encourage people to retain and internalize knowledge of first-aid procedures?

Design Principles

  • Fun to interact with
  • Requires active participation
  • Involve repetition of the first-aid…

Connecting students through a colour-coded coffee station.

I love going to cafes. It is a shared space with limitless possibilities.

You could find your focus in a private corner with your laptop; you could share some delicious pastries with your friends; and very occasionally, you could encounter someone new over the scent of coffee beans, and hear the stories of someone you would never had crossed paths with otherwise.

As social animals, we all have a desire to connect with others. But there are many concerns associated with talking to strangers. …

This article summarises key insights from the reports of Hong Kong Free Press, Hong Kong Bar Association, The New York Times, and Bloomberg on the issue of Extradition law in Hong Kong.

Co-written with Yu Theodora, an investigative journalist from Columbia Graduate School of Journalism.

What does “extradition” means?

The action of transferring of a person accused or convicted of a crime from a jurisdiction to another.

What are the proposed changes in Hong Kong’s Extradition Law?

The changes will allow authorities in mainland China, Taiwan and Macau to transfer criminal suspects from Hong Kong over to their law enforcement.

Why is the change proposed?

A Hong Kong citizen, Chan Tong-kai, is accused of murdering his girlfriend in Taiwan…

Come on in if you are confused by small talks, shy to speak up or feel like you would never fit in.

You got off the plane.

Sunlight shone through the glass windows of the San Francisco airport, and revealed spirals of dust fleeting aimlessly in the chilly air.

Oh my god, this feels weird.

I am actually here.

Anticipation and excitement fills your body. As you walk across the airport lobby in search for transportation, you can’t help but wonder about all the people you will meet, the parties you will go, the encounters you will…

Wait, what is going on here?

Your first encounter in the Land of Opportunity is a hostile and confusing mess that people commonly refer to as a “BART ticketing kiosk”…

and why these two concepts couldn’t coexist

Heads up! In this article, determinism would refer to causal determinism. If you are here looking for arguments about how God or fate predetermine human lives, this is probably not for you.

What is free will?

  • Free will is commonly understood as the ability to do otherwise than what one in fact does.
  • Let’s say there’s a cookie and a marshmallow on the table, and you choose to pick up the cookie at time t.
  • Free will says that you are perfectly capable to have chosen the marshmallow instead of cookie at time t.

What is determinism?

  • Determinism is the idea that all actions are predetermined by…

A summary of Admiral James Stavridis ’s testimony to democracy

Why democracy will win over authoritarianism? In short:

1. Democracy is constantly developing. The internet had made it easier to mobilize protest actions in defense of democracy; while increasing female representation in governments has improved the legitimacy of democratic systems.

2. Authoritarian regimes which suppress public discontent would eventually be pressurized to democratize.

How democratic is the world now?

  • Not very. The proportion of people living in a democratic countries decreased from 46% in 2006 to 39% in 2018.
  • Autocratic rule seems to be trending across the globe, with China and Russia as the leading forces.
  • While running highly corrupted elections on the surface, Venezuela, Bolivia…

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