Anxiety attacks, and colonizes the body

Forcing it to face the horror of mortality.

My heart who would skip a beat

to a shy forehead kiss;

is now in a pounding rampage,

to annihilate the ribcage.

Anxiety defends, and detains the spirit.

Terrorizing it to make fashionable edits.

My soul that soars through

floating islands or kingdom of gnomes

is now locked in quarantine

at the comfort zone.

I like playing a small role in something big.

Like a mini metal gear in a rocket.

Or a baby bumblebee on a tree.

Or a short sweet smile on your Saturday.

Or a cup of cappuccino in a cafe.

Stay hungry, stay full.

Shoot for the stars, or however far.

Dream big. Dream tiny.

And dream everything in between.


I’m good at dreaming.

I dream as hard as I can,

and invite you in.

She says a spell, and

the jungle let out a breath,

to wake up the dew.


In our rainbow eyes,

The dark dances with the light

Into the drumming.

Confrontations: Session One

I am mediocre.

And it’s not a statement of self-hatred, nor one to fish for validation.

It is an essential reflection, against wits’ normal distribution.

To bring clarity to your character, and shed light on the uncharted.

First question to ask is: Do you love where you are?

Are you sick of chasing the current? Are you missing the turbulence?

If you yearn for the poise of the lake, the bliss of inner-peace,

play there, create there, stay there.

Make your choice. And don’t look back.

I am mediocre.

A stoic thinker.

A believer. A lover.

If you find discomfort comforting, still water suffocating,

go explore, hustle, struggle.

Know that, the odds are against you, they don’t want you to win.

Fall in love with the process, sail upwind.

I am mediocre.

An underachieving dreamer.

A chance taker. A sailor.

Come on in if you are confused by small talks, shy to speak up or feel like you would never fit in.

You got off the plane.

Sunlight shone through the glass windows of the San Francisco airport, and revealed spirals of dust fleeting aimlessly in the chilly air.

Oh my god, this feels weird.

I am actually here.

Anticipation and excitement fills your body. As you walk across the airport lobby in search for transportation, you…

and why these two concepts couldn’t coexist

Heads up! In this article, determinism would refer to causal determinism. If you are here looking for arguments about how God or fate predetermine human lives, this is probably not for you.

What is free will?

  • Free will is commonly understood as the ability to do otherwise than what one in fact does.
  • Let’s…

Carina Yu

I have too many interests and it shows

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